Save Money And Shop!

| July 21, 2010

In these tough economic times many families are looking for the best bargains, whether they live in Spain, UK, or Australia, many families are looking for good deals and bargains; which is why the owners of Shop Wiki have started Shop Wiki. Families can search for anything from toys, grills, or woman’s clothing. They can also compare the best deals at Target, Walmart, Kohl’s […]

Revell Book Tour – This Fine Life

| May 19, 2010

I received the following book in exchange for writing a review. While I consider it a privilege to receive free products to review, my review is my honest opinion and thoughts of the book. I enjoyed the book, This Fine Life. It is a book about growing up and in Christ. It shows real characters […]


| March 8, 2010

I am excited! On the reading front, we are farther ahead than I thought with our oldest son! You don’t know what a breakthrough this is for us! Remember how I said that there was a disconnect with our boys between their sounds and their letters; well, on Friday night our middle son was saying […]

New Things for 2010

| February 2, 2010

We have some new things coming up for 2010, unfortunately, we are not at the place to announce those things quite yet. Sooo…this is just a bit of a teaser. Our new things includes our family, businesses, blog and probably a few other things. Lord willing, all positive things. They also include changes. Sometimes change is hard, […]

Family in Need

| January 25, 2010

I have posted about the Estes family and their son, Noah, before and now I am posting about a neat fundraiser some of their publishing friends are hosting for them as they seek to provide for their family and start a new business venture. Just follow the link below to check out the details of […]

Poetry Contest

| May 12, 2008

Calling all girls and young ladies!  There is a Poetry Contest waiting for you to enter at the  link below. Be sure to check out the wonderful prizes and enter your literary work for a chance to win!

Thanks to Living On A Dime

| July 18, 2007

We have come to an end of the featured articles from Living On A Dime. Their website has more articles; if you are interested, visit . We want to express our thanks to Tawra Kellam for generously allowing us to feature her articles on our blog this past week. We trust that you are […]

Your Sacred Calling

| May 15, 2007

Stacy MacDonald, wife of Pastor James MacDonald of Family Reformation Ministries and former owners of Books on the Path, shared a nice Mother’s Day tribute and even included a poem on her blog that she wrote about mothers. It is well worth the read. Here is the link: It was nice to read, especially […]

Illinois Christian Home Educators

| May 3, 2007

On May 24-26, 2007, Illinois Christian Home Educators (click the link for more details) is hosting their annual convention at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Illinois. Voddie Baucham, Jr., Kevin Swanson, and Mike Farris of HSLDA are just a few well-known men that will be speaking that weekend. You are sure to be […]

Persecution of Christians

| March 21, 2007

Please be aware of the attacks Christians around the world are facing and pray for them and their persecutors. These precious people are willing to risk their lives to proclaim the Gospel, even to their enemies. What an amazing testimony for those of us here in the U.S., where we take our freedom for granted […]