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This is the NEW Faith and Family Books website! We are family owned and operated business. We desire to share with you literature that will strengthen and encourage you in your faith. We long to share books that will be of encouragement and inspiration in your journey as Christians. We love to read, therefore we love books! We began by only selling Lamplighter books, as they are unique. Then we expanded our inventory to include books on pregnancy as well. All of the books featured on our website and that use to be found in our bookstore can be found on the book shelves of our home. They have been read by one or more members of our family; well read and loved. We hope that they will become your favorites too!

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Faith and Family Blog is now the main hub of activity on Faith and Family Books. So please check out our Web Blog for family news, encouraging articles, book reviews and more!

• Rest for Weary Homeschool Moms!

Encouragement: REST FOR WEARY HOMESCHOOL MOMS by Jane Bentley Copyright 2004. (Click links below to download FREE PDF or HTML document)
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Please Note: For your information this document contains capital “T”s where bullets should be.

Used with Permission ~ “Have you ever thought of your weariness as a signal, a reminder to stop and reassess your choices, to realign your thoughts and actions with truth, to urge you back into the presence of Almighty God?” (This may be of encouragement to those with children in another school setting as well. Read to find out!)

• Lamplighter Books!

There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting down as a family (or alone 🙂 and reading a Lamplighter Book. We have laughed, cried and sympathized with the characters in these books. The books are based in the early 1500-1900’s and have been beautifully re-printed in the timeless style of the originals, being bound in cloth or leather. Some of the Lamplighters are biographies, but most are fiction. In either case, the stories are based upon a particular character quality and how the main character grows in it. Lamplighter Books are wonderful books to add to school, home, church or public libraries!